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If you’re at the point in your life where you’re thinking about hiring a San Diego family lawyer for divorce or child custody dispute, life is complicated. The many moving parts in a custody or support dispute or a divorce are overwhelming. The consequences of family court are long-lasting, so anxiety and stress run high. In family law disputes, as with many experiences, we’ll have in life, what – and how – you go into the case is critical to what result comes out.

What is your next step going to be?

If you’ve already begun exploring the prospect of hiring a divorce attorney, you’ve probably thought what over ninety percent of litigants in San Diego think: Isn’t there a way for me to do this myself?

 Should I do this without a San Diego family lawyer?


There is an increasing trend toward doing one’s own do-it-yourself divorce in San Diego Family Courts. Sometimes people who file for divorce in San Diego who can afford family law lawyers don’t like the idea of a family law attorney being involved in their case. For others, it really is just a matter of money – of the lack of enough of it to hire an attorney.

A third option is now available in family law. Take a few minutes to explore this one. 

I am Paul Staley. I am a San Diego family lawyer with nearly two-and-a-half decades of experience in San Diego county’s family courts. I offer coaching and legal advice support to those who choose a do-it-yourself divorce but want guidance and legal strategy advice along the way. I choose to support self-represented litigants these days rather than engage in litigation. My reasoning is simple: the great majority of litigants aren’t going to hire a San Diego family lawyer anyway because of the exorbitant cosan diego family lawyerst.  But I have seen the need for legal support services vividly illustrated in every (family law) courtroom in the county. I’ve watched hundreds of well-meaning loving parents badly botch their attempts at making a case for custody, visitation, support and other vital issues in their cases.

So: why do some self-represented (at least, without an attorney in the courtroom) litigants seem to do well while others do not? It’s not the quality of the case of the character of the person. It all comes down to the quality of the preparation. And the fact is, some mistakes in San Diego family court cannot be undone.

What these people need is to know “what they don’t know”.

Questions you need to think about are: Who is the judge? How do I prepare for mediation? What does meditation mean?  What am I responsible for in child support? These are just a few.

My goal is to educate you so you can be competent to represent yourself

Benefits of having an expert  in San Diego Family Law in your corner:

  • Tapping into all the knowledge and expertise of decades of practice and San Diego divorce courtroom experience
  • Avoiding the knee-jerk reactionary response of the other side, as in: “OMG! She filed for divorce in the San Diego court, She hired a lawyer! I’d better get one too!”
  • Skipping the long lines and wait times at the Family Law Facilitator’s office
  • Getting real legal divorce support that you can’t get from anyone but an expert lawyer –this means you will understand all the financial consequences fully so you won’t regret something later.
  • Maintaining the perception that you and your spouse are working together through the process. (Many spouses see the involvement of attorneys as hostile, intrusive and confrontational.)

You can speak to me directly. I answer my own phone.Call me at 619-235-4095

If you hire me to help you can expect, I will calculate support (child and spousal support) using the same software used by most of our Family Court judges.  I can even calculate multiple scenarios so you can know what the range of outcomes will be.You will understand how important mediation is and what to expect in mediation.  When you meet you will get substantive legal information and concrete answers on divorce law in San Diego courts. 

Is it a”free consultation”?

The short answer is no because I am not going to waste a single minute trying to convince you to part with several thousand dollars more to represent you. I will instead focus on case strategies with you and connect you with additional experts as needed if needed.  If you find you need a San Diego family lawyer to fully and formally represent you, I will tell you who would hire if was going through a divorce.  

 You are unique and so is your case. Your take on how to proceed will be unique to you. You deserve to have advice that takes into account the unique, specific traits you and your case present instead of settling for some cookie-cutter solution in San Diego Family Court.

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