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“Knowledge is power”. 

San Diego Divorce Lawyer  Paul Staley; wants his clients to understand the divorce process before you divorce, so during the divorce it will be less stressful. Paul knows that this is a painful but, wants his clients to know what the pitfalls, decisions and long-term implications of the divorce process are. He is here to make the divorce process easier for the people who hire us and less costly in the long term.

Before you divorce take a breath, not everything in the San Diego family law courts will make sense.

Before plunging into the complicated world of divorce take the time to understand the possibilities and educate yourself about the process. Understand that the time you spend in educating yourself by reading, research and counseling will make the process less stressful and costly. It seems painful to take this timeout, but it will make the outcome easier.

Get good advice before the divorce it will make during the divorce easier.

Choose to surround yourself with people who will give you educated professional advice. Seek the opinions of marriage counselors, clergy and lawyers, who understand this major crisis in your life. You might know that you are beyond marriage counseling or clergy, but you need to see a counselor as a form of a marriage exit interview. You have family, friends and support groups that are ready to offer help. Do not be afraid to ask for it.


Think about the finances before you divorce.

Filled with emotional distress, couples tend to delay thinking about dividing assets up, children custody and arranging visitations, child support, alimony and other matters. Understand that in this process you will need to negotiate; plan for what you are willing to negotiate on and what you will not. Dealing with it straight on — no matter how painful — is the best course of action

Ending a supposedly happy-ever-after marriage is painful. A more painful truth is that divorce is business. Therefore, you cannot afford your emotional issues to cloud the divorce process. We know this as “fighting over the pot and pans”. Without careful thought and planning, you may be spending more money and time than you should, adding to your emotional suffering.

The parents divorce each other not the children.

Make sure that you are cautious in providing your children information about the impending divorce process. Your children should never know everything, no matter how old they are. Always take them into account in every step you take throughout the divorce process, and even after. You being discreet about the breakup of the relationship will pay off in the long-term in your children ’ s lives.

You need to educate yourself, consult with lawyer that can guide you through either the negotiation or litigation. A lawyer can explain what your divorce might cost, and give you some idea on what the time frame this will take. A good attorney will understand that this is your divorce and it is unique to you, and work with you to get what you want and what you need.

Every divorce is different.

As no couple is going through the same situation.What happened to your friends and family might not happen to you, their experience won’t help you plan for your divorce.

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