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San Diego divorce mediation – When you have no axe to grind

July 26, 2018

San Diego divorce mediation “When you have no axe to grind” San Diego divorce mediation – Mediated divorce in San Diego is a great option for those who  rather come up with a peaceful divorce scenario to avoid all the tension, cost and frustration of court and litigation.  If you and your  soon to be  ex-spouse are…

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San Diego Divorce Lawyer: What are the options ?

August 14, 2014

san diego divorce lawyer

 Divorcing: what are your options?   Starting a divorce, child custody and all other family court proceedings is like climbing up a mountain. You always best face a mountain with a healthy dose of respect.   The process of divorce often involves high levels of stress, unnecessary anger and sadness as well as significant time…

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Divorce Attorney in San Diego Ca.

July 14, 2014

divorce attorneys san diego ca.

  Finding a Divorce Attorney in San Diego Ca. Divorce is a negative word because it just is, and of course, the act of divorcing a spouse can get downright ugly. If children are involved, it becomes even more complicated. Money is another subject that can raise the stress level for people getting divorced. Affordable legal…

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San Diego Family Law Facilitator Alternative

June 13, 2014

family law facilitator alternative

San Diego Family Law Facilitator Alternative  Not everyone wants to go to the San Diego family law facilitator . Sometimes they do not want to wait in line , sometimes they need more customized help ..something  a little more specialized and tailored to their specific family law situation . Finally, there is another option that…

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San Diego child custody lawyers – what you don’t know can hurt you

July 8, 2013

San diego Child Custody lawyers: When what you don’t know can hurt you     Boy meets girl. They fall in love and have two children. Time passes and now he’s in his forties, they never married and they had two daughters whom he dearly loves. Their mother has lived with him all their lives…

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San Diego Child Custody Laws – When do I use the courts?

March 28, 2013

San Diego Child Custody Laws -When do I use the Courts ? There is a tendency to think that every decision and plan of action needs to be endorsed by the courts. This really isn’t the case. Child custody hearings are really a way of fixing arrangements that are either not working or where one…

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San Diego Child Custody Lawyers: What is joint custody?

March 14, 2013

San Diego Child Custody Lawyers : What is joint custody? The terms our courts use when you are going through a divorce don’t always make common sense. The vocabulary seems foreign. Most folks do not really understand the difference between joint custody, sole custody and legal custody. So, let’s spend a little time talking about…

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Divorce papers served in California from Facebook

January 11, 2013

Serving divorce papers via social media! Pioneering approach drives lawyer to a first: Divorce papers served in California from Facebook Account As the Facebook status notes: “It’s complicated!” December 24, 2012: Attorney Paul Staley of The Law Office of Paul Staley in San Diego decided to serve a petition for divorce on behalf of his…

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Separation vs Divorce

July 12, 2012

 Separation vs Divorce? What you should know Many people have heard the term “legal separation”  but do not really know what the term actually means.   When I was a child before no fault divorce, it was much more common for a couple to separate than divorce.  These days legal separation is still useful in certain situations due to finances, health…

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Shared Custody Schedules

June 4, 2012

what are shared custody schedules?  San Diego Child Custody Attorney: What determines custody and visitation? I’d like to talk to you about custody and visitation in family courts in San Diego. You may be confused with the terminology used by the judges and the mediators regarding custody. What’s legal custody? What’s physical custody? What’s joint…

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