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The power of a Family Court Judge – Cost of Divorce Lawyer and a Trial

San Diego Divorce and Family Law Attorney, Paul Staley, released a new YouTube video: Cost of Divorce Lawyer and a Trial …Is that really necessary?

Okay, I know it’s hard to make a decision. You have choices, should you go ahead and file divorce? Should you wait and try to work it out? Do you need a divorce lawyer? Can you do it yourself?

I see all kinds of people in any given day. I meet with people who talk to me and never file divorce, I meet with people who file divorce the same hour of our first meeting, I see people who file divorce two years later. What I do know that’s consistent is that if you go ahead and decide to file divorce or go ahead with the child custody dispute it will be emotional. You’re going to have some bad days. You’re going to lose sight of what is important to you, what your priorities are, and how to move ahead.

Nobody likes divorce lawyers, I don’t take it personally. No one comes to a divorce  lawyer because of the good times.

When I was writing this book I asked myself, what do I wish people knew? What could I tell them that might make things simpler and less complicated?

Let me tell you what I came up with; whatever you do you stop right now and write down the three things you wish to see. When this is all over and you’ve made up your mind to go ahead or not go ahead. Stop right now while you have a moment get a piece of paper out and write down what are the three things that you really want to accomplish and see happen. What are the things you really want? Sometimes we don’t stop because our lives are complicated and narrow things down to the basics.

Then if you decide to go ahead and hire a lawyer keep these three things somewhere where you can see them again. Keep these three things that you write down in your wallet. When things get hectic and stressful whatever you do, pull those out. When the decisions become hard and sometimes overwrought this will give you a baseline s Refocus on what you thought was important when things were hectic and stressful.

Transcript of Paul’s Video


Here are a few tips on how to reduce cost of a divorce. First of all, you wanna educate yourself about the divorce process. And by educating yourself, I don’t mean task in your coworkers and relatives or family members of what you should do. Everybody’s going to want to be helpful. And everybody actually thinks that they know something about this process. Unfortunately, a lot of that information is simply incorrect, so you’ll want to educate yourself. The best way to do that is to get good legal advice. Some else you can do is make litigation a last resort. I don’t want a divorce thinking that you need to have World War III. That’s almost never necessary. Some litigation is fairly common but full-blown trials are rare and usually avoidable and that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on everything. It means you probably will end up making some compromises on some significant issues. So choose your battles really carefully.

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