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What is a default DivorceWhat is a default divorce and what will it cost?

Not all divorces require a high level of legal support. In some cases, a good option for them might be to do a default divorce. In this type of divorce spouses never answer the divorce papers they receive. There are situations that they just don’t care. Or that the couple has agreed not to dispute any issues involving their separation. These are not a good fit for everyone, but sometimes they work to give couples a cost advantage, and superior legal support.

What are the right circumstances for default divorce?

With the right circumstances, if your marriage was not long-term, didn’t have children, and have little debt a default divorce might be a good fit for you. What happens is when you meet with an attorney you can request a default divorce. Then the attorney proves that your spouse personally received the papers the law requires you to have served, you can probably get a divorce on default—your spouse’s failure to respond. Although, by law, your spouse might have had 20 or 30 days to respond to the divorce papers before you are entitled to a default judgment, your judge might want you to wait three months before actually submitting the rest of the papers you need to be granted a divorce, just in case your spouse decides to respond after all.

What is a default divorce?

This is a divorce that will not be contested by the other party. When the documents are filed in the court system, the other party simply does not respond. This type of divorce is a divorce that both parties simply want to move on. Again a good fit for this legal solution for people don’t have children, have short-term marriages, which is usually less than five years(sometimes longer) and no real estate or high credit card debts.

What is the cost of a default divorce?

The cost of this type of divorce is usually minimal. At our office, we have two option a do it yourself divorce or  you will have complete legal representation and our attorneys will go to court for you. You’ll have the benefit of knowing that you divorce actually was done correctly, and there will be any unexpected circumstances.

About once every three months, we get a call from someone who went to a paralegal to get this type divorce done in default divorce type circumstances. They call us urgently, as they are usually going to get remarried and have found that they in fact are not divorced. Usually some document was not filed timely or served, and the divorce never went into effect. The cost for this type divorce in our office averages about $1500.

What do I do next?

If you think, a default divorce might work for you, please feel free to  Call Us at 619-235–4095 to schedule a consultation and scheduled a time to meet with Paul, so you can take the next steps

  We will schedule family law cases evaluation so we can best determine what best legal solution fits your needs.

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