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The power of a Family Court Judge : Divorce and Remarriage Laws – What you should know

San Diego Divorce and Family Law Attorney, Paul Staley, released a new YouTube video for those contemplating remarriage: Divorce and Remarriage Laws – and what you should know…

San Diego Divorce Attorney Paul Staley answers asked questions about divorce and remarriage laws. What you should know?

Transcript of Paul’s Video

Divorce and Remarriage Laws – What you should know

A spouse may only legally remarry after marital status has been terminated. There is no state among the 50 United States which allows marriage to more than one spouse. So… you’ve just got to be sure that the marital status has terminated. And, that can be an issue tickets separated from everything else. Let’s say you’ve got an awful, complicated situation but one of the other spouse –or maybe both– wants or needs to remarry. There’s a process where you can separate that issue alone, terminate marital status, and then either party is free to remarry.

California Divorce and Remarriage Laws

Before September 1965, an interlocutory decree was first entered and at the expiration of 1 year —if there had been no appeal motion— a final divorce decree could be entered.

Between September 1965 and the last day of 1969 (12/31/69), a final divorce decree could be entered immediately after the interlocutory decree if 1-year had expired from the date of service of summons and complaint on the defendant spouse. There was no waiting period after the entry of the final decree.

Ever since January 1, 1970, a final judgment dissolving the marriage may be entered, upon the motion of either party or the court, 6-months after the date of service of summons and complaint or appearance of the respondent. Such final judgment restores each party to the status of a single person and after its entry either may marry.

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