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divorce attorney how to find What should you know about divorce before you begin  

San Diego Divorce Attorney explains “the devil is in the details”

There seems to be a growing trend among couples going through  divorce in San Diego not to use a  divorce attorney and to do it themselves.  There are plenty of options  of reason people avoid using a divorce attorney. The main reason for this is to save money, but in addition, couples believe that they can go through a divorce amicably without bringing divorce  attorneys into the process. In fact, couples commonly believe that  divorce attorneys may end up creating problems, it has been known  to happen . What they forget is marriage is a legal contract and undoing the marriage especially with children ,you need to also think about it like a contract. The devil is in the details.

Although both parties may agree on the issues now, during the course of the divorce problems can  develop. Usually these problems are due to a lack of clarity and detail  in the agreements . This is particularly important if you are divorcing with children.

I had a client who did his divorce himself who said he would pay for college in the divorce , it seemed a reasonable agreement.The couple had be divorced for a while and the child wanted to go to college. The client didn’t agree at the time to what type of college was he paying for in the divorce agreement . When the time came the child wanted private ivy school league university , he assumed a state university .They were going back to court. 

Sometimes it is an issue that was overlooked. Commonly, this can be something insignificant to an outsider or the couple. To a divorce attorney who see’s people  divorces 10 years later  after the fact, they can see where the detail will cause unhappiness at a later date. This is particularly important with children ,there are many details that are hard to be aware of if you haven’t seen it before or often  

So how do you find a divorce attorney that will work for you ?

Not mater what you do ask these questions : Someone once said “the key to all unhappiness is unresolved expectations ” Asking these questions will make sure you have realistic expectations.

  • How long will this take?”
  • “What things effect the timing?”
  • Do you have an alternative to the traditional “billable hour?” Ask about fixed fees, which limit risks for you.
  • “If I want to keep the level of conflict to a minimum in my case, do you see yourself being able to collaborate with me and the other side in getting to a result we can all live with?”
  • How much is this going to cost ball park in the “best case?” and if things don’t go as expected?

 My San Diego law office  has a few options that you might not usually see if looking for a divorce attorney . 

I want to make sure that no one feels forced to make the choice of foregoing great legal advice. I as a divorce attorney am offering  this new approach “Unbundled Services Legal Services .”  I hope it’s descriptive. It’s part listening, part advising and educating, being a sounding board for the client and helping with the nitty-gritty details, too. It also means I’ll offer insights only an expert with over twenty years of experience appearing before our judges can offer.

With Unbundled Legal  Services clients  will be able to tap my expertise to understanding what a document is, what it means and how to respond to it; help in drafting documents, help crafting case strategy and even valuable hints on oral argument.They will go to court on their own ,but prepared. They’ll be able to do that without the commitment to a long relationship with a  divorce attorney.

 Unbundled Services won’t replace me, I like to think it’s a valuable option not previously available. Some of its users will still undoubtedly pass up valuable opportunities in their divorce. But at least they will do so knowingly, with eyes wide open, not out of fear or lack of information.

A couple falls in love and they get married only to find themselves contemplating divorce years later. With all of the emotions that are attached to this breakup, it is important to remember that marriage is a legal contract. If a time comes when a marriage will be dissolved, it is a divorce  attorney that will best be able to help  get the best settlement  . A o divorce attorney chosen well will not make the process of divorce worse but lets face it no divorce is good ,  a divorce attorney chosen well will make the process shorter and less likely to raise its head up at a later date.


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