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San diego divorce do it your self

 Do it yourself divorce in San Diego


There is an increasing trend toward doing one’s own do it yourself divorce in San Diego Courts. Sometimes people who file for divorce in San Diego who can afford family law attorneys don’t like the idea of an family law attorney being involved in their case. Other times it really is just a matter of money – of the lack of enough of it to hire an attorney.

Paul Staley, a San Diego divorce attorney can offer coaching and legal divorce support to those who choose a do-it-yourself divorce but, want some guidance and coaching along the way.This approach allows you to purchase only the legal services you need without having to hire a lawyer for filing divorce in San Diego. Payments are made at the time of service. No billable hours, no big retainer fees..

Benefits of having an expert San Diego divorce support in your corner:

  • Taping into all the knowledge and expertise of decades of practice and San Diego divorce courtroom experience without breaking the bank
  • Avoiding the knee-jerk reactionary response of the other side, as in: “OMG! She filed for divorce in the San Diego court, She hired a lawyer! I’d better get one too!”
  • Skipping the long lines and wait times at the Family Law Facilitator’s office
  • Getting real legal divorce support that you can’t get from anyone but an expert lawyer –this means all the financial consequences are fully understood  and you won’t regret something later.
  • Maintaining the perception that you and your spouse are working together through the process. Many spouses see involvement of attorneys as intrusive and confrontational.

Remember, it’s your name on the the San Diego divorce court papers with this do it yourself divorce coaching. If  divorce court appearances are required, you’ll need to make the appearance yourself. Note: The Diy divorce support services described on this page are for people who are self-represented in conventional San Diego Court divorce process (as contrasted with a mediated or collaborative process.)  

This includes:

  • Meeting with Attorney
  • Drafting of Petition
  • Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
  • Declaration of Disclosure
  • Schedule of Assets and Debts
  • Declaration attached to Declaration of Disclosure
  • Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure
  • Stipulation and Waiver of Final Declaration of Disclosure
  • Property Declaration(s)
  • Income and Expense Declaration
  • Request to Enter Default
  • Declaration for Default or uncontested Dissolution
  • Notice of Entry of Judgment
  • and Judgment
  • Help filing documents documents with the Court (you won’t have to wait in line at the clerk’s office)
  • My guarantee that your documents will be acceptable for filing with the court

  These services do not include filing motions which could be related to your case or the payment of any out-of-pocket fees such as filing fees, process servers, copy costs, transcripts, court reporter fees, etc.  These services do not apply to REQUESTS FOR ORDER or for AMENDED filings. .

What if you need more than the basic do it yourself  uncontested divorce service ?

If you need additional advice or legal coaching beyond what is offered in this package, additional time can be purchased in increments sixty or ninety minutes $350/$500 respectively payable at the time of the meeting. This service is for the person who wants to understand how the law may apply to his / her case.  You determine what topics we cover in the meeting. Meetings can be limited to one or two topics that are important to you, or you can receive advice about your entire case.   Orientation / Education –$350/$500 for increments , sixty or ninety minutes. Acquaints the student with the most important rules of etiquette and procedure in Family Court so that he/she are  more confident, comfortable and prepared to make his / her own case.   Mentoring – $$350/$500 for increments  sixty or ninety minutes. For those who feel they have a good command of the facts and evidence in their case and want expert advice on strategy and tactics. You may also want to know how to negotiate effectively or how to prepare for an upcoming hearing. Maybe you’d like some suggestions on how to get your spouse to settle instead of litigating.   Orientation / Education and Mentoring may be overlapped in a single session at your request and at no additional cost.   Important: The attorney and client will sign a limited services agreement before any services are provided. The agreement spells out for the client the limited nature of the services. In a  limited  services arrangement an attorney’s liability for malpractice is limited to those services the attorney has actually been hired to perform.  

Contact Paul Staley to schedule an appointment for help with your San Diego divorce court case.  

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