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San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer – Restraining Orders

Attorney Paul Staley represents victims of domestic violence as well as those accused of committing domestic violence.

Are You the Victim of Domestic Violence?

If you or a member of your household, or even someone you have a dating relationship with, has physically harmed you or is threatened to cause you physical harm we can petition the court for a restraining order that will remove that person from the home and/or prevent him or her from calling you, contacting you, coming near you, or coming anywhere near you wherever you might be.

Have You Been Accused of Domestic Violence?

Unfortunately, false accusations of spousal abuse or domestic violence are common techniques used to gain advantage in divorce and similar family disputes.

If you have been unfairly arrested for spousal abuse or domestic violence, our firm can represent you in the restraining order hearing which takes place in family court. It is vitally important to be represented by an attorney at such an important hearing in order to protect your constitutional rights. Without proper legal representation, anything you say can be used against you in your criminal case. Standing in family court without legal counsel is asking for a disastrous outcome. Why? People who don’t really know how family courts work will wrongly assume that they can simply tell their side of the story and everyone will see how you were wrongly accused. That’s not how it works. Standing alone without counsel and telling your side of the story will often give the police, the DA the prosecuting team lots of ammunition that will likely be used against you. It can get worse yet. Without legal counsel, it is very likely that you will have a restraining order issued against you.

If a restraining order is taken out against you, you cannot go home. You can’t go pack a suitcase with your clothes or other personal belongings. You will be homeless. But it can get worse. If a restraining order is issued against you, that could otherwise have been prevented with proper counsel, you will not be treated equally should there be an upcoming divorce or child custody and visitation hearings.

A Domestic Violence conviction has lifelong consequences

If convicted of a domestic violence charge there are major consequences including: jail time, fees and penalties, loss of your job, career or professional license, a criminal record that will keep you from getting good employment in the future. You will not be able to own or carry a firearm, enlist in the military, obtain many student loans, or enroll in some graduate school programs. Should you be required to carry a firearm for your career: military or law enforcement, that is over. The laws make no exceptions! CPA’s, doctors, lawyers, contractors, Realtors, hair dressers and other professions that have state licensing – your chances are you’ll not be renewed. You need a family law attorney for family court and a criminal attorney if criminal charges are later brought against you. Nip “seemingly harmless: false allegations in the bud immediately.

Please call to discuss any need for an immediate restraining order, or for defense in an upcoming hearing against a request for one.

If you or a loved one is being held by the local Po-Po it is handy to use our toll free number (877) 261-2217, else call to speak with Paul now or schedule a consultation by calling (619) 235-4095.

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