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hieing a san diego divorce attorney Tips on hiring a San Diego divorce attorney 

If you’re going through, or about to go through a divorce, you don’t need us to tell you it’s a difficult time. Many people these days hold off hiring a  San diego divorce attorney because they feel they will make things worse not better. One of the most critical aspects in divorce filing is getting a divorce attorney to navigate for you the bewildering processes that combine government bureaucracy and family conflict in one package! The biggest benefit is that a divorce attorney will go through a case like yours fifteen times in one month. You, on the other hand, just won’t ever get that experience, unless you decide to go to law school. The effects of a family law dispute are usually long term. Once someone has been through the system, they don’t tend to want to do it again too soon. It is important that you get it done right the first time. You will live with the results for at least a few years.

Choosing a divorce attorney you won’t regret

Increasingly, people do not consider hiring a divorce attorney, because they do not understand the need for it, or they’re afraid they’ll be taken advantage of. It seems everyone has a water cooler divorce attorney story that will curl your hair. Who wants or needs that, right? It is perfectly understandable. But some of these issues are from communication problems that could that be cleared up with the right beginning questions from you to your maybe-lawyer-to-be.

Some questions I would ask if I was to hire a divorce attorney

“Is what I want legally realistic?” There are many things you might want but may be unlikely to get in the California court system. Ask about the likelihood of getting your requests granted. Sometimes it is possible to know in advance, but not always for certain. A good lawyer is going to be able to make a much better guess at the “unknowable’s.”

  • “How long will this take?”
  • “What things effect the timing?”
  • Do you have an alternative to the traditional “billable hour?” Ask about fixed fees, which limit risks for you.
  • “If I want to keep the level of conflict to a minimum in my case, do you see yourself being able to collaborate with me and the other side in getting to a result we can all live with?”
  • How much is this going to cost ball park in the “best case?” and if things don’t go as expected?

Asking these questions will give you a better handle on getting a divorce attorney that you won’t regret. If you are considering a divorce attorney in San Diego we would like to talk to you . You can call our office and set an appointment to talk to Paul or his associate about your family situation any time Monday through Friday. No one should have to know what to do in a divorce, but when it happens it is important to have someone experienced to see you through it.

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