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san diego paternityPaternity – Petition to Establish Parental Relationship

If you have a child with a person you have never been married to, or have been accused of parenting a child, and you believe you are not the parent of the child, a paternity proceeding is needed. At least that’s what these proceedings used to be called. The post-modern and gender-neutral description is: Petition to Establish Parental Relationship. Competent and zealous representation is strongly recommended to insure that your  child rights are protected.

Definition of Paternity – “Paternity refers to the legal determination of who the biological father of a child is.” Usually, the identity of a child’s biological mother is known, but the father’s identity may be “iffy”. Most often, questions of paternity arise in child support cases where financial pressures sometimes bring prior suspicions to the current discussion. Paternity issues also can become important in cases of adoption, custody, visitation, inheritance, health care and other related issues.

DNA Testing – DNA profiling is a modern breakthrough in paternity testing. In a DNA test, specialized lab technicians will examine the genetic material that the child inherited from his or her biological parents. The lab will first compare the child’s genetic characteristics to the mother. Those characteristics found in the child that are not found in the mother are then determined to come from the father. If the man who is being tested does not have those genetic characteristics in his DNA, he can then be excluded. If the man does have those genetic characteristics, the probability of his paternity as the father are calculated. Generally speaking, DNA testing can scientifically establish a father’s paternity with over ninety-nine percent accuracy and can even be done before the child is born is that testing is necessary.

DNA testing is most often requested when one party contests paternity. A common example would be where the alleged father demands proof that he is the child’s father before he consents to payment of long term child support. Another example would be a paternity action where the mother would contest the alleged (putative) father’s paternity is common cases where a man is attempting to gain legal custody or visitation with a child he believes to be his biological child.

If you  find yourself having a child outside of marriage and need  child support , you will be well served by my representation.

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