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San Diego DCSS Lawyer-Child Support Enforcement 

If the local DCSS (Department of Child Support Services) ( working with you – and for some, feeling like they’re working against you –  it may be for one of three likely reasons: (1) the other parent of your child or children is or was on welfare (AFDC in California) and the county now wants you to reimburse them; (2) the other parent has decided to avail him/herself of the free services DCSS offers to establish and enforce support orders or (3) you are the parent who is supposed to be receiving support and you’re having trouble getting paid. DCSS has its own dedicated courtrooms at 220 W. Broadway on the fourth floor, San Diego and with one department in Vista. The cases are heard by commissioners (like judges) who hear nothing but support cases. Getting through this process can be frustrating and time consuming. You will need help from an attorney who is experienced, persistent, proficient and patient.  San Diego DCSS cases often – but not necessarily – involve parents who have never been married to one anothersan diego dcss lawyer.

Families in  San Diego county California who are facing divorce or separation, or involve guardians or stepparents (sometimes even custodial grandparents) may find they need help from  San Diego DCSS. This agency exists because federal law demands that states that get certain kinds of federal money have an agency that does what DCSS does. San Diego DCSS function is to promote the best interest of the children in a very specific way: by making sure support orders are made and enforced. Because it is a government bureaucracy and because the California Family Code has an entire body of law dedicated exclusively to DCSS, many unwitting parents involved in DCSS proceedings have found themselves feeling like our Alice in Wonderland having fallen down the Rabbit Hole. Paul Staley San Diego DCSS lawyer  has been handling cases at  DCSS for nearly twenty years. His knowledge and experience coupled with his creativity and empathy has eased the anxiety of and improved results for the hundreds of clients he has guided through the maze that San Diego DCSS proceedings can be.

How Can You Be Sure You Won’t Spend More On Attorney Fees Than Your Case Is Worth?

Working cases in San Diego DCSS can be very time consuming.  That’s bad news for clients who are paying by the hour. Fortunately for Paul’ Staley’s Family law  clients, they’re not penalized for the delays, wait times and continuances which are so common in San Diego DCSS cases. Each of Paul’s clients has paid him a fixed fee to get him or her through whatever process is pending. No hourly bills, no “evergreen” policy in his representation agreement requiring clients replenish their retainer when it is – and with hourly billing seems inevitably to be – exhausted. One fee, one time, end of conversation about money. He realizes this is a novel approach and wildly unpopular among his peers. His observation: “Lawyers are now what we have always been. We make up a culture leery of change. We love precedents. We are late adopters of new technology and ideas.”

The Many Special Rules in San Diego DCSS Courts

Beginning with California Family Code 17000, the Code lists the hundreds of rules which apply exclusively to DCSS proceedings. And it seems nearly every year there is some significant change – sometimes several changes. Keeping abreast of them is one of the most important things he does so he can continue getting improved results for his clients.

For help with your DCSS matter, whether you are supposed to be receiving or paying support in a San Diego DCSS matter, tell Paul Staley your story. He’ll listen and tell you how he can help.

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