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 Fixed Fees for Family Law Matters

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We know you’ve probably never hired a San Diego  family law attorney  before and it’s hard to know what to expect. In my law office, we do something that I don’t think anyone else is doing in San Diego. We charge only fixed fees for family law services. This means that people like you will have certainty about legal costs when many other things in your life are uncertain.

Your friends, family and coworkers will have been charged an hourly rate for services when they hired a family law attorney. Law firms have been doing it this way for decades. True confession: until about two years ago, I charged hourly for services, too. I always found there was a sense that it wasn’t working. I realized clients were too often distracted by the fact that “the meter’s running” to focus on problem solving. I also realized that some clients were suspicious that the hourly arrangement gave the attorney a financial incentive to be inefficient and slow, when their lives where in upheaval.

The hourly rate issue was a real puzzle for me. So I imagined myself in the client’s shoes. If I didn’t know this attorney very well and I didn’t really know how the divorce was going to go, would I write a blank check for hourly fees? I realized how uncomfortable that would make me. So I looked for a different way to do things.

That’s when we started using fixed fees. Fixed fees are when I will take your case at a fixed price that we agree on before the work is started. Hourly fee arrangements (where you pay a retainer, plus…) will tell you what the “floor” – the minimum – fees will be. Fixed fee instead gives you the whole picture. That means that the case might have more conflict than expected or less than expected … but nothing will change the amount you pay me.

You get to call, email or meet with me as much as necessary. It means at the end of the month you won’t be getting any bills that were not expected.

Fixed fees will never get you the lowest cost to entry for legal services, but they will give you the fairest exchange and limit your risk.

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