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San diego Child Custody lawyers: When what you don’t know can hurt you



Boy meets girl. They fall in love and have two children. Time passes and now he’s in his forties, they never married and they had two daughters whom he dearly loves. Their mother has lived with him all their lives and now is in crisis. Their relationship is in crisis. She wants to leave the state with the children. In fact, she did for a period of months until he insisted that she bring them back. What will happen next?

He has no idea.

He is content to let the situation play itself out and just sort of figure it out as he goes. For my money, if it’s my relationship with my two little girls on the line, I’m not waiting around to risk some unknown and possibly disastrous result. These are my kids.

He’s not alone, of course. A growing percentage of parents who need help in their impending custody disputes are foregoing it because: (1) they figure they can manage it themselves; (2) they figure the have to manage it themselves because (they suppose) professional help is so expensive or (3) they figure lawyers will just make things worse. Maybe even all the above. Never mind that none of those things is necessarily true. 

Other options:

Many people are shackled to the old-fashioned notion that the only way to hire a lawyer is to plunk down several thousand dollars as a retainer and brace themselves for the worst: an uncertain result and maybe big bills to go along with it.

There are other avenues to go down. For less that what many of us spend on our cell phone subscriptions for a month, you can own the lawyer for an hour. Go ahead. Call a child custody lawyer, or a few. Get some questions answered. You are paying to know what your custody options are so you’re not left with no idea what to do next Ask enough questions. Those are your children and you need to know your options financially, legally, both the pros and the cons. You might need a lawyer, you might be able to do this yourself ; but,you surely wont be going into the dark with no idea what happens next and what your legal rights are. Don’t be shy. What’s the worst that can happen in an hour?

Let’s face it. Probably even a lousy lawyer knows more about legal stuff than the non-lawyer. A good lawyer? Well, s/he knows a heck of a lot more. But lawyers are expensive and scary, right? Candidly, they can be either or both. Still, the smartest skeptics consider them a necessary evil if not something much better. There’s a famous line from The Untouchables (1987): “Never bring a knife to a gunfight.” In custody, information is power.


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