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San Diego child custody attorneySan Diego Child Custody Attorneys:   

Child custody issues often arise during or after divorce .If you are considering hiring a  San Diego child custody attorney to protect your custody rights or need to modify an existing order, it is important to get the right fit between you your goals and the San Diego child custody lawyers you hire.

 I have the experience and dedication to protecting your rights.  I provide aggressive, skilled advocacy focused on your objectives and the best interests of your children.  I offer the people of San Diego a unique combination of expertise in the area of custody that give our clients a clear advantage.

While there are many parents who decide amicably to have shared custody of their children, otherwise known as joint custody, there are cases that must be decided upon by a court of law. Cases that involve one parent seeking sole custody may arise if their former partner exhibits damaging behavior. Types of behaviors that cause you to hire a San Diego child custody attorney can include a history of drug abuse, domestic violence, child abuse or other criminal activity. More often than not in California, if a parent is shown to be currently engaged in such behaviors, the party seeking full custody will most likely be granted their request by a family court judge.

Then there is the issue of child custody problems after the divorce. Things and people change drastically after a couples divorce and it is important to keep the child’s welfare in perspective . This San Diego Child custody attorney looks to protect the child from upheaval .

Child custody Lawyers: after the divorce

As an experienced child custody attorney, I know that custody disputes are difficult for children. My focus is to preserve appropriate family traditions whenever possible. By taking the time to understand your family circumstances, I will seek to maximize your parenting time by effectively presenting your case. At every stage I am mindful of your rights and the best interests of your child or children

San Diego Child custody law and Move-away Cases

While I am experienced in the mediation and other out-of-court settlement strategies, I am also a skilled litigator who is prepared to take your case to trial when necessary. One of the strongest skills I can offer is Move-Away cases. I have a 98 percent success rate. If you think you need to hire a San Diego child custody attorneys, getting a good fit with your values and goals is important.  If I can help you call for a consultation.



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