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 Divorcing: wsan diego divorce lawyer hat are your options?

  Starting a divorce, child custody and all other family court proceedings is like climbing up a mountain. You always best face a mountain with a healthy dose of respect.   The process of divorce often involves high levels of stress, unnecessary anger and sadness as well as significant time and patience.  Family court without at least some guidance from a skilled San Diego divorce lawyer is fraught with unknowns. The most difficult question for most to answer is: When to avoid the intervention of a family court judge and when to welcome some confrontation?

There is a trend gaining momentum that suggests people are inclined to forego the help of a San Diego divorce lawyer at all costs.

 The reason is obvious: couples assume that involving a San Diego divorce lawyer (or two) = conflict + court = (lots of money spent needlessly on attorney fees that could instead have been shared between the couple). Or so the reasoning goes. These individuals and couples don’t want to go through the agony of a drawn out divorce that is tough on both parties.

They are increasingly opting for the so-called “do it yourself” divorce.

These “DIY” divorces are often facilitated at the county family law facilitator’s office. The staff at the facilitator’s office is certainly capable. However, their function is not to represent their subjects. Their function is to answer the questions you ask. If you do not know the questions to ask your not going to get the advice you need. I.t is hard to know the questions to ask if you have never done it before.  It is, as the title suggests, to either facilitate the resolution of cases as the parties agree or offer guidance on how to contest a case. The case load is heavy for the facilitator attorneys. They do not actually represent either part and may legitimately offer advice and assistance to both opposing parties on a case. They do not have the same duty as an independent divorce lawyer. We’re not suggesting they should.

Other DYI cases involve the parties using a non-attorney to handle the case. If anything, the pitfalls in using a non-attorney are greater still compared to the facilitator. These DYI cases often wind up further complicating an already difficult matter, creating results far different and far worse for at least one party than if either had used the skill and experience of an expert divorce lawyer.  

Let’s face it: attorney fees are a source of immediate ‘pain’ when compared to, say, getting shorted on retirement benefits or support years – or for years or decades down the road. It can be difficult to appreciate the value of a long term investment in the help of a San Diego divorce lawyer when cash is short and tension is high. 

Is there an alternative to the traditional  divorce lawyer mega-$$-retainer + billable hours?

San Diego Divorce Lawyer Paul Staley is the only divorce lawyer  to offer this do it yourself divorce service to a client looking to separate or divorce. This service allows a person to avoid hiring attorneys or mediators who do not know the couple or the situation, and eliminates or drastically reduces retainer fees and court costs. In addition to being the first to offer fixed fee (no billable hours) representation to family court litigants, Paul is now the first to offer an “ala carte” flavor or representation. Those needing the help of  a San Diego divorce attorney can avail themselves of as much or as little of his services as they prefer simply by prearranging their “ala carte” relationship with Paul. 

Not only are couples who cannot afford divorce attorneys attracted to this “DIY” divorce option, but couples who can afford attorneys are find Paul’s DIY option just as appealing. This is  mainly because it avoids the risk of an adverse reaction by one spouse when the other “lawyers up.” Having Paul as the San Diego divorce lawyer remain invisible in the process can be an advantage in that way.


Benefits of hiring a San Diego Divorce Lawyer
Increased protection from years of experience Peace of mind knowing a reputable, knowledgeable divorce attorney is in your corner No long lines at the Family Law Facilitator’s office No worry about being tripping up by legal terms you don’t understand Comfort knowing that someone who has been through the process has your back Assistance with any necessary court appearances during the divorce Often, more cost-effective than NOT hiring an attorney

Don’t go through the process of divorce alone; even if you are opting for a do it yourself divorce

You may think that you can’t afford an attorney, but you don’t want to have problems created by the divorce years later . You do have some other options through the divorce process, call and discuss them.


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