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 San Diego divorce mediationSan Diego divorce mediation “When you have no axe to grind”

San Diego divorce mediation – Mediated divorce in San Diego is a great option for those who  rather come up with a peaceful divorce scenario to avoid all the tension, cost and frustration of court and litigation.  If you and your  soon to be  ex-spouse are on the same page regarding division of assets, child custody/visitation (if applicable) and support issues, you can skip court appearances altogether and come up with your own plan.   Divorce mediation is ideal for couples who are separating “amicably” and aren’t suspicious of one another.  Here’s how it works.

The two of you meet with a mediating divorce attorney.   You each lay out your facts, and your differences, if you have them.  Usually there will still be a couple of areas of disagreement even with the most agreeable candidates.  The attorney will advise you both – each of you in the presence of the other – of your rights, which are probably better described as “a range of possible results.”  There is no attempt – in fact there CANNOT be an attempt – by one spouse to get an advantage over the other.  That’s because you’re each hearing the same information, from one attorney.  Then it is up to you as a couple to make up your mind on how you want to proceed.   The fee may be slightly higher than the price each of you would have paid in initial retainers to hire individual attorneys, but if the process works the way it should, you still will have saved a lot of money

Mediation can be awkward, especially if either or both spouses are unpleasantly surprised at what they’re told by the mediator.  I often recommend to couples who want me to mediated divorce that they each first consult an independent attorney  just to be sure there isn’t going to be a major “Oops!” uttered by one of them during our mediation meeting together.

It’s not for everybody, but mediation can really cut down on the ill will between spouses and on the stress and cost of divorce. And if your situation is one of  “each takes their own marbles and goes home”, then a mediated divorce can certainly work for you.


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