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San Diego Family Law Facilitator Alternative 

Not everyone wants to go to the San Diego family law facilitator . Sometimes they do not want to wait in line , sometimes they need more customized help ..something  a little more specialized and tailored to their specific family law situation .

Finally, there is another option that allows anyone to go into Family Court without a lawyer .family law facilitator alternative

We’ve all had friends or family who have decided  to forego getting expert legal help in Family Court. Some  of these people use the family law facilitator ,some just wing it . More and more people are finding reasons to represent themselves. The reasons range from cost to fear of escalating conflict.

Some clients are perfectly comfortable standing up in Family Court and making their own argument – as long as they are confident they’ve correctly marshalled enough of the right evidence to support that argument. Sometimes less-informed people make those arguments and create a situation they never planned for. So I’ve taken steps to make that possible for those who need mentoring to fill in the gaps. The results of flailing headlong through a divorce without good advice can be so disastrous. I decided there has to be some in-between place where clients can get all the help they want but no more than they want.

Here is the problem

Take for example a dad who has been the subject of countless false reports to CPS by his ex-wife where neither of them really has the cash to spend on lawyers for the countless hours the have spent – and will spend – in court.

Or again, a medical professional who blindly signed away big, big assets because she was terrified of litigation. Her situation after the divorce was so bad I was seeing her for a bankruptcy consultation. Or a man whose wife is a government employee, racked up a significant pension during an eighteen year marriage and earns nearly three times what he does. They had young children, too. He walked away from spousal support, probably $500,000 in lifetime retirement benefit which would have been his for the asking. They didn’t get the advice because they didn’t know what questions to ask .

Why did they lose out on these valuable opportunities? The answer given by both of these hypothetical clients was that they “couldn’t afford an attorney” and therefore gave up rights they didn’t even know they had. In retrospect, they each now know that they couldn’t afford not to have had thorough, expert legal advice. They made decisions that can’t be undone now and which will affect them and their children for the rest of their lives. Worse, they made those decisions out of either fear or lack of information. Sometimes it was fear caused by the lack of information..

I want to make sure that no one feels forced to make the choice of foregoing great legal advice. I’m calling this new approach “Unbundled Services.” I know that doesn’t sound very cool, but I hope it’s descriptive. It’s part listening, part advising and educating, being a sounding board for the client and helping with the nitty-gritty details, too. It also means I’ll offer insights only an expert with over twenty years of experience appearing before our judges can offer.

With Unbundled Services they and clients like them will be able to tap my expertise to understanding what a document is, what it means and how to respond to it; help in drafting documents, help crafting case strategy and even valuable hints on oral argument.They will go to court on their own ,but prepared. They’ll be able to do that without the commitment to a long relationship with a family law attorney.

 Unbundled Services won’t replace me, I like to think it’s a valuable option not previously available. Some of its users will still undoubtedly pass up valuable opportunities in their divorce. But at least they will do so knowingly, with eyes wide open, not out of fear or lack of information. 

If this is something that might work for you , call us at 619-235-9645


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