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Testimonials from our clients:

 After weeks of frustration what a blessing to get real answers from caring people! Thank you Jennifer for A+ customer service and for taking the time to help us in our troubled time.   —Lisa M. 

 Paul Staley represented me in a move away order – when I was unable to get a job in the San Diego area and my ex-husband refused to let our children move two hours away. At the time, my children and I were incredibly distraught; he spent a great deal of time working on our case, as both an outstanding professional and a compassionate counselor, providing me with the legal means and the fortitude to work through this contentious, emotionally charged situation. As my children and I have been blessed to with the opportunity to settle into our new lives, we will always be grateful to Paul for his hard work, his guidance, and his finesse in working with the legal system. Simply put, he’s brilliant!   —Janice M.

 I’d just like to say that The Law Offices of Paul Staley handled my case very professionally.  Also, they were so great that I actually referred 2 of my friends to the same law firm – full disclosure – I went here for a family law case between myself and my ex over 2 of our children – I referred my 2 friends over to them for Bankruptcy help since they do both family law and bankruptcy.  I never used them for bankruptcy, but both my friends said everything went fine and they would recommend them to friends.  So, I would definitely say this is a great place to check when you’re calling around for either a new family law attorney, or for bankruptcy help here in San Diego.  One of the best things is they never talked down to me, or rushed me..  Also, they gave me and my friends FREE CONSULTATIONS which certainly doesn’t hurt at all!  🙂  —Steve S.

I never really take the time to rate places, but I remember a few businesses that stand out, and this is one of them.

The receptionist “Jennifer” was always kind and treated me like more of a friend than a “client” – a welcome change from the stuffy law firms out there…

If you want to go to a QUALITY Bankruptcy/Family Lawyer (I actually used for both services which is nice to know they do) then I recommend here.

They will give you a free consultation – NOT rushing you into something that you don’t need or will otherwise hurt you – other law firms I went and met with first tried to “close me” right off the bat, and when I said I was going to think about it, they had an attitude all of a sudden!!  I can’t believe some of these lawyers!!!!

Paul is a welcome change.  He is experienced yet doesn’t act better than you. He tries to help and talks “to you” rather than “at you.”

Thank you Paul and Jennifer and the rest of your staff for a pleasant experience through a horrific part of my life.  My life is getting back on track now, and I’m glad you made it a worry free process! My Best, —Mike L.

Finally!!!! Divorced!!!! YAY!!!! I can start my life over again thanks to Mr. Staley and his amazingly helpful and patient staff. Mr. Staley and his office made the divorce process as painless as possible. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a great family law attorney. He’s the best in town!   —Jessica

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