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The power of a Family Court Judge : Parent’s Visitation Rights

San Diego Divorce and Family Law Attorney, Paul Staley, released a new YouTube video for parents are unsure of their rights over financial issues including: Visitation Rights – Can a parent refuse visitation if child support is not paid?

San Diego Divorce Lawyer  Paul Staley answers frequently asked questions.

The court views as the child’s  personal relationship with the parent as having nothing to do with the child support  But  I can’t tell you how many calls i get from parents how want to stop visitation because the other parent didn’t pay child support .It is most likely the most common mistake a parent will assume when the other parent will not pay the child support required.  It is  just one example from a list at least as long as my arm of  the mistakes people make in the way they think about child support. “He’s not paying child support, so I’m not going to let him have the kids this weekend.” And the flipside: “She won’t let me see the kids, so I’m not going to pay child support.” I could have reversed the genders here, so don’t feel I’m picking on anyone.  Bottom line: support and visitation are issues as separate as oil and water in the context .

Please call our San Diego Office toll free at 619-235-4095 if you feel it is time to talk to an attorney about your situation. If your EX isn’t paying support the remedy is first talking to a divorce lawyer, then taking them to court if things can’t be worked out.

Transcript of Paul’s Video

Can a parent refuse visitation if child support is not paid?

Can a parent refuse to allow visitation when child support is not paid? That is one of the fastest ways for the custodial parent to land him or herself in line for charges of contempt for violation of the court order. The issues of custody and visitation, as contrasted with payment of support, are seen as completely divorced –no pun intended– from one another. So, if the supporting parent fails to deliver the check on time, or doesn’t deliver it at all, but has the right, has a court order that says that he or she has visitation, that parent gets to exercise the visitation: payment or no.

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